Protect and grow your money! Protect and grow your money!

A game about the risks and rewards of financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Digital Financial Services In Sub-Saharan Africa.

Play as
Ms. Bello

You are Ms. Fatima Bello, an 18-year old student. You are enrolled to study business at a college in the city. You are supported by a scholarship and by your parents, who work as farmers in your home village. To earn money, you work in your uncle's market stall on the weekends, selling vegetables grown by the farmers back home.

You'd like grow the family vegetable business. You also need $100 for school registration fees. The semester starts soon.

Play as
Mr. Chiwambu

You are Mr. Arthur Chiwambu, a 55-year old bus driver. You have worked for the same bus company since you learned to drive at age 18. Your five children have now grown. For the first time, you can save a little money for your dream: to buy a bus and become your own boss. You keep your savings at home. But as your savings grow, you feel more uneasy about the risk of theft.

You need to find a better savings solution. You also still need about $1,000 to buy your bus.